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About Ivan Barratt Education

Potential investors often ask me about my background. I got my start in real estate at a relatively young age as the landscape arm for my father’s rental properties. At the time, my dad was an attorney and managed several dozen rental properties. I also had uncles that owned apartment complexes and commercial real estate. All of this family influence exposed me to the importance of property and asset management in a real estate investment.

You might say that I caught the real estate bug pretty early in life. I can distinctly remember being fascinated with the flexibility that real estate investment could offer; this flexibility was much more appealing to me than a typical “real job” where I would sit behind a desk all day. I knew that I wanted to own real estate that paid cash flow so that I had the flexibility to do whatever I wanted.

I am now many years into my career, and I still appreciate the flexibility that real estate investment affords me! I started my real estate investment career managing nearly 70 units scattered across Indianapolis.

What is Barratt Asset Management (BAM)?

Barratt Asset Management, or BAM, is approaching 150 million in assets under our management, with more than 60 full-time employees and nearly 80 limited partners (or LPs). More than half of our current investors have worked with us on two or more projects, with many of them working with my team on three or more investments. When considering our existing investors, more than half of them have done two or more projects with BAM.

At BAM, we are honored to act as stewards of our investor’s capital. Part of the reason for our strong investor relationships has to do with my company’s core value of transparency – no surprises! We value educating potential investors up front to ensure everyone is on the same page and feels secure with our agreement. It’s impossible to make a real estate investment without some risk, but BAM works hard to minimize that risk for our investors.

What is Ivan Barratt Education?

The goal of this site to keep you from doing a bad real estate deal, even if we never meet or invest in a workforce housing real estate investment project together.

I also hope the information from my video library adds value to your life in some way and gives you an idea of who BAM is and what we’re trying to accomplish. I offer this as a parting thought: real estate investment isn’t about location, location, location. It’s actually about financing and partners.

Watch my video on this topic here.

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